Let’s Get It Started

So, I’ve been thinking about starting something like this ever since we got engaged (I know I know, we only got engaged on January 8 but I am a planner so I’ve been on the planning prowl ever since!).  I kept putting it off because I couldn’t think of a good title for the blog, but decided to go ahead and put it together and use it as a forum to keep friends updated and get ideas from all of you out in the vast depths of the world wide web!

But first, a big I LOVE YOU to my wonderful fiancee Mason who has been so super excited since our engagement (and before) and has enjoyed hearing about and talking through every detail.  It is so encouraging to have someone to talk to about everything that goes through my head, big or small, especially a person who says “This is going to be great!”  So thank you, my dear!

Second, a huge THANK YOU to my parents who are also very excited and so helpful, not to mention that they have generously given us money to do this wedding.  I realize that not everyone is fortunate enough to parents who can offer money for the wedding, let alone help with all the projects that come along with it!  We consider ourselves lucky on both sides, having parents who are excited to be a part of this whole journey!  We love you!

Mason and I will be updating this site with everything that goes through our heads, trying to keep you updated and also hopefully to help others out there who are wedding planning themselves!  Since I am a website and blog stalker of everything photography, DIY and now wedding, I will be referencing many sites that you can find helpful!  We thought it would be cool if Mason brought the groom’s perspective here so he will be updating along the way too.

We are excited to share this with you!  We want your feedback and ideas, so share your comments liberally!  And most of all, enjoy!! 🙂

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