Visualize: Wedding Inspiration & Color

I had read about brides putting together inspiration boards to create a visual of what they would like on the big day – to show friends and family, and especially vendors who are helping with those elements of the wedding.

I put together two inspiration boards so far – one for flowers and one for decor – and thought I would share those with you.  I really enjoyed doing this!  You can do picture collages (like I did, using Picasa) or you can even pull out pictures from magazines and collage them yourself!  Either way, this has made a world of difference in communicating my vision to others and in return, other people being able to bring new ideas to the table to achieve the looks I’m going for!

Photo credits for these go to Jasmine Star, Smitten, Amy Free and Story Photographers.

I just LOVE everything in these pictures!!  Wooden signage, wreaths on barns (that is actually the barn in my parent’s backyard), mason jars, wooden arbor, white bulb lights, barrels…the list could go on and on!

Color is something that has been influenced by the overall theme as well.  I was all of my bridesmaids to look good in whatever color I choose, and since we are getting married in September, I would rather the flowers and accessories “pop” than the actual color of the bridesmaid dresses.  I have not chosen a bridesmaid dress yet, but my ideal color would be a deep purple (aubergine, concord) or a deep purple/magenta color (sugar plum, merlot).  My flower inspiration board reflects the choices that I have here in bridesmaid color – I would ideally just love to carry lavender (the flower, not the color) or a soft-looking flower in that color family.  I will either have the girls carry the same color or a mixture of that and an ivory flower.  Need a visual? 

Photo creds go all over the place on this one, but especially to two of my favorite wedding websites to stalk follow: Style Me Pretty and Project Wedding (I may or may not also love that one because it happens to be a play on my favorite tv show on Bravo!)

Lavender, peonies (my fave!), tulips and roses….yes, yes, yes and YES!

(PS – I never thought I would want roses at my wedding, but these light pink and lavender roses have such a chic look to them, they are growing on me.  No pun intended.)  🙂

Both of the websites above also have inspiration board links that you can look at to see pages of boards to inspire YOU!  Making these really helped me collect my thoughts and most easily communicate what was floating around in my brain!  Not to mention, I love pictures so this is totally fun for me!  Stay tuned for more inspiration boards as I get to other aspects of planning!  Maybe I’ll even have Mason make one….who knows!


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  1. I love this blog! It’s officially added to my blog reader.

  2. This is really funny Mich….I was planning to see if YOU wanted to wear aubergine for my wedding! bahah…

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