Why “Ruffled Wedding” ?

When you start meeting with vendors for your wedding, many of them will say “what is the overall theme of your wedding” or “what are a few words to describe the feel of what you want?”  For me, I wanted to decide on what I wanted to achieve on our wedding day overall before I decided on anything else.  And since I love bulleted lists, here’s one comin’ atcha:

  • First and foremost, when the day is over, we want to be married.  Not too hard to accomplish that, right?
  • Mason and I both thrive off of relationships.  We spend most of our time, energy, love and finances on spending time with the people we love.  We wanted our wedding to reflect this focus so we want to provide an atmosphere for people to meet and interact, not just come sit with the people they already know and leave after the cake is cut.  When our guests leave, we want them to know that we really appreciated them individually coming to our wedding.  As you read this, you will see the ways we are trying to weave personal detail and thanks into our wedding day.
  • Let’s be honest, I was never a little girl who grew up dreaming of her wedding.  As I went through college, people started getting married and it was becoming more of a reality, but my thoughts were still slim – I did naturally think that I would get married in a church and have a “normal” wedding like all the ones I had been too.  Since then, I have really grown fond of the idea of an outside charming, romantic wedding with vintage-inspired details.  The thought of soft colors mixed with a pop of deeper monochromatic tones just feels like us.
  • During our ceremony, we want people to know why we are there – to make a commitment to each other in front of our guests and God that we take very seriously and excitedly!  Then we want a nonstop fun reception where we can celebrate what just happened!  This will definitely include dancing, since we are both dancing fools.
  • And we want a relaxing honeymoon to look forward to and remember forever.  🙂

If you asked any of my friends for one word to describe my everyday clothing, they would probably say “ruffly.”  I chose “Ruffled Wedding” as a blog title because I think it describes what we’re going for – soft and relaxing with a twist!  Thank you to Mason for allowing our blog to be called “Ruffled Wedding” – I know it’s not the most manly name for a blog, but we will come up with many masculine posts to make up for that!

Ruffles:  Just another thing that Gaga and Michelle have in common.

Note: You will also see that I find much humor in pictures.  Although I will provide pictures on pretty much every post, some will include pop culture references that just crack me up.  If that tickles your fancy, then you are in the right place!

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