It’s (not) All About You

Another thing that you’ll hear over and over during your wedding planning is

“this is YOUR day”….”this is all about YOU”….”you need to be SELFISH on this one”

I’m just gonna’ say it.  Girls, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in this wedding planning thing.  Regardless of how level-headed and non-Bridezilla you are about your wedding, it is definitely the thing that you are constantly working on and planning and thus, the thing that you talk about all the time!  This IS okay, but as an anti-Bridezilla, I think the first important thing to remind yourself everyday is that just because you are planning your wedding, your friends’ lives do not stop.

  • Remember not to dive right into wedding talk every time you sit down with someone (note: people are really excited to hear about your plans, so you shouldn’t feel bad about talking about them but just be cogniscient that they also have big things to talk about even though it’s not necessarily a wedding)
  • People are going to say “Well, I don’t have anything to say that’s nearly as important as your wedding!” but that’s NOT TRUE!!  Remind them of that!  You want to be the same great friend  now that you were the day before you got engaged!
  • They will also apologize for being a “downer” when you have wedding plans going on!  Remind people that you love them and want to be there through all the up’s and down’s in their lives, just as they have been there for you.
  • Thank people for asking about your wedding plans and being interested in you – it is SO much fun to share your plans with people and to see their excitement and interest!  And it is so thoughful of them to stay connected to that – it’s a looong process!!  And thank you’s are always just nice in general!
  • Remember that the wedding is not the only thing going on in your life either!  Share normal, everyday things with your friends – things about your job, your family, what you’re doing this weekend! 

I thought about this after lunch today with a good friend who’s going through a tough time – I was so glad she told me about what’s going on with her and didn’t feel like she was a burden to me.  I have always wanted to be there with people though the thick and thin, and although it wasn’t great news to hear, I am glad that we can still share what’s really going on in our lives each day.  And when my friend gets married to a fine young man one day, I will be telling her what’s going on with me and hearing about wedding plans on the other side!  But for now, I can think about her and check up on her because it’s what she needs, and something she’s always done for me. 

“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.” – 1 John 4:7

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