Frugal Fridays: DIY Weddings!

Happy Frugal Friday to you!

This week, I want to talk a little bit about DIY wedding projects.  I have found some AWESOME DIY ideas on these sites:

Project Wedding – this link takes you directly to the DIY section, but this entire site is incredible!

Green Wedding Shoes – this is just the cutest little site I ever did see!!

The Wedding Chicks – beautiful, inspiring weddings with great photos to visualize

and for a little DIY inspiration to get your wheels turning, Etsy Wedding  – it’s never a bad idea to search on etsy for whatever you’re working on with your wedding – it’s amazing what people can do, and what YOU can copy.  😉

The Idea:  This weekend, I will be starting on the first of many DIY projects I plan to do before September 25.  My dad is the KING of DIY (not normally wedding DIY, but usually more in the automotive or home realm).  His famous quote is “Oh, I can do that myself!” with my mom just shaking her head in the background.  He is usually right, but sometimes the undertaking is much more than expected!  He wanted to try to make us a dance floor for the tent, but I think mom talked him out of that one!

This week, dad has been working on cutting out wooden signage for our outdoor fall wedding.  Here’s one of the photos I gave him as inspiration:

Dad is cutting out the poles and the signs themselves, and I will be painting words like “wedding,” “ceremony” and the all important “watering hole” sign that will point to the tent for the bar.  Also, my mom came up with a great idea – having a sign pointing out of the site that says “honeymoon 1604 miles.”  I have also asked him to create a much taller pole that we can put lots of signs on point in all directions, and we will add that as a main piece of decor in the reception tent and include important places in our lives with the mileage from our wedding site.  We are going to include places like Campbell University (my alma mater), University of Georgia (Mason’s quote “Best Football Team in America”), “Where Mason Grew Up” and then of course, “Where Michelle Grew Up, 0 miles” along with some others.  I think this will add some personality and give guests something to look at and talk about!

The Savings:  Since I want these signs to look completely unfinished and rustic, there is no finishing required for these signs.  Luckily, my dad gets scrap wood for free at work, so for us, there is no cost there.  I am planning to use white craft paint (usually $1-$1.40ish at the craft store) to handpaint these signs, which I already have.  So this DIY project is FREE but makes a big statement and really communicates the feel of our wedding.  In my “wooden wedding sign” research online, I found quite a few websites that are selling these same signs for anywhere between $42 all the way to $650 for the posts with multiple signs like my dad is making for us!  I’M IN THE WRONG BUSINESS!  This is a huge savings for us.  Of course, I was never planning to spend that much money on anything like this anyway, but if you ever though about buying outdoor signs please know that it is much cheaper to do this yourself! 

Extra Tip:  The main reason I enjoy DIY projects is probably because one of my weaknesses is wanting to be in control (let’s face it!) and know exactly what I’m going to end up with instead of leaving it someone else.  But finally, a positive reason to do things myself!!  🙂  I also think that if you pour some blood, sweat and tears into your wedding, it will really be that much more enjoyable.  I am so excited to see all our ideas and hard work come together and I appreciate my family and friends giving their ideas and time to making it happen! 

Very soon, I will have these vintage-inspired signs ready for our wedding for free!  Thanks Dad!

(I love the one that points to happiness!)  Pictures of our signs soon to come!

Bmaid Dress Update:  Round 4 shopping tomorrow and then I’m going to have to choose!  I am just not satisfied asking people to pay a fairly high price ($100 or above) for a cheap-looking, bright satin bridesmaid-looking dress!  Especially for our soft, outdoor wedding.  We are still on the search but I think we’re so close!  Updates to come this week.

Happy Weekend!


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  1. I love these! I wanted to do them but my venue won’t let me 😦
    I’ll be sure to get lots of cool pics of yours though! :))

  2. copying is always the way to go…

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