Status Update: Mason Jars Ordered!

Sometime in the next 3 days, 192 mason jars will be arriving at my parents’ doorstep!

What are these for, might you ask?  We will be putting mason jars at each place setting to serve as drinking glassware at our tented outdoor reception, and we will be tying raffia around the top of each glass with each guests name attached to it.  This will serve not only as their glass to drink out of, but as their place card to show them where to sit and the favor they will take with them when they leave!

I will put a sign on the way into the tent that has each table number with guests names listed underneath, so all they will have to do is find their mason jar when they get to their table!  Pitchers of tea and water will be on the tables already, so they can simply fill up their jar with what they want! 

And to make things cooler, my mom thought about how neat it would be if we could monogram an “M” on all the mason jars (yes, Mason and Michelle Murchison – Triple M) so we made sure that we ordered jars that have at least one flat, plain glass side.  We will be monogramming with monogram stickers (they look like they are debossed into the glass), and since we happen to know someone who works in a gift store that prints these stickers, they offered to do 200 stickers plus application for only $30!  We are so lucky to know people who do really cool things 🙂

I looked online for a wholesale jar company and found this gem:

Altogether, our mason jars plus shipping will cost about $92, plus the $30 for monogramming and we are at $122 for all glassware, place cards and favors!  That’s $1.63 per person if we end up with 175 (if we can get it down to that)!

I am SO excited about this piece of the wedding…it fits in perfectly with our atmosphere and most importantly, with my fiancee!

mason and MASON!


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  1. wow. you are so on top of things! I still need to get mine! haha! 🙂

  2. …..and they’re here.

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