Tribute to m&m

This is a heart wrenching post for me, since it includes the breaking up of m&m and uniting of two sets of m&m’s.

…but let me explain.

My wonderfully amazing friend Melinda and I became very close friends at Campbell during our sophomore year and became roommates for a year after we graduated, and we really enjoyed that short but definitely sweet time together.  During our roommate year, we coined the “m&m” label as our own, and it ends up on every card and gift we give and receive.  Mel even made me a travel coffee mug a couple years ago with the m&m logo on it and pictures of us collaged around it!

Then a little over a year ago, we both met our soon-to-be-husbands and then got engaged one week apart this January!!  I called Mel one week and she called me the next, with excited tears on both sides of the phone!  And now, there are FOUR m’s!  Melinda, Michelle, Mike and Mason!  So, m&m has become m&m^4, and we will be pairing off into our own little m&m couples very soon!  (I know…this is silly…but pretty ironic and we like to laugh about it!)

She and her fiance Mike will be getting married in October, about 2 1/2 weeks after us and I am so excited to be a part of their wedding!  They had their engagement pictures this past weekend and they are just incredible, which is why I am posting this now!  I came into work this morning and checked their photographers site (our friends Ashley and David in raleigh who are “Story Photographers”) first thing because I knew they would be coming up any day now and BAM, these pictures hit me like a ton of bricks!  I cried at my desk and my boss came over to find me glassy eyed.  🙂

Check them out here!  They are simply gorgeous.  (And if we’re lucky, they may even share their beautiful music talent with us at our wedding!)

This Sunday (keeping with the one week apart theme) are Mason and my engagement pictures with our photographers!  We are very excited about them, because obviously, pictures are so important to me and I an incredibly inspired by photography.  (No pressure, Leslie and Matt!)  🙂 

Another really cool thing – our photographers are actually tying the knot in 30 days!  So by the time they shoot our wedding, they will be husband and wife!  Weddings all around!

And of course, keeping in the spirit of photo love, here is my “best of m&m” collage.  Enjoy!

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  1. Awwww…that made me cry too. I love M&M.

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