Ruffled Wedding Shoes?? HELP!

I know this might sound funny, but finding my shoes for the wedding might be one of the hardest parts of this whole thing for me!  I have very bad arthritis in my ankles, and my right ankle is surgically fused so you may have noticed that I never wear heels (because I physically can’t!).  However, because of some complications from my fusion, my ankle isn’t completely flat either, so it’s really best that I don’t wear completely FLAT shoes either. 

So, the conundrum is that I need to find shoes in the 1/2 inch-1 1/4 inch range.  But of course, I don’t want just any wedding shoes (I LOVE colorful shoes and wear them on most days).  My ideal shoes would be 1 1/4 inch peep toe wedges or kitten heels with ruffles on the front or back, in PURPLE!  Picky?  Yes!  But I just want pretty shoes.  🙂

So to review, here is what I CAN’T wear:

No pretty ruffle heels for me!

And no cute ruffled flats for me either!

SOOO, I know this might take me awhile to find, and I must find them in the next few months because I need to get my dress altered accordingly, so I thought I would ask for your help!  Keep an eye out if you think of it, and let me know if you find anything!  I’m sure I will find the perfect in between shoes that will give my ankles enough support for the day but it might just take some patience! 

Thank you and I hope you’re having a great week so far!


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