Well, hello again Frugal Friday!

Today’s Frugal Friday concept is very simple:  use your resources.

I am a very lucky girl to know the talented and amazingly generous people I do, but sometimes finding your untapped resources just takes you opening your mouth and talking about your wedding plans, and what you’re having a hard time figuring out – you would be surprised at how many people will pipe up with suggestions and connections.

The Idea

I am one of the #1 fans of lists, so here is a list of examples of resources I am tapping into…to get your brain going:

  1. Let them eat cake.  I have to be honest, I don’t really like cake all that much.  It was not a high priority for me to have cake at our wedding, since when it’s sitting in front of me, I don’t even touch it.  I don’t generally like lots of sweets, especially icing (besides whipped chocolate icing from the can…but I can still only eat about 1 teaspoon before I’m sick to my stomach).  I was the kid who asked for pumpkin pie instead of birthday cake, and my kid friends probably didn’t appreciate that too much!  But back to the point – I had all kinds of ideas about the “dessert” portion of the wedding…homemade ice cream was my #1 (orange crush flavor), assorted pies, mini finger desserts or something of that nature.  Point is, I didn’t want to spend much money on it since it’s not important to me.  BUT, last summer my mom spent some time working with friend who just happens to be the owner of a cake shop, and when Vicki heard that I was engaged, she told mom she owed her a wedding cake for her help.  When mom told me this, I said “WE’RE HAVING CAKE!”  Cha-ching!!  Free cake = we’re definitely having a cake, case closed.  Mom will also be working with her the summer to “pay off” the second half of the cake since we are having so many guests (Thanks Mom!), but this is a perfect example of using your resources/bartering (which is always always a wonderful idea if you have something to offer in return)!  More to come on the cake…
  2. Dish it out.  I attended a women’s ministry dinner in college with my mom where each table had a “table host” who brought their own place settings from home and set the table, creating a very eclectic, homey feel.  I wanted to copy that idea since we are renting a tent and tables and chairs for the reception, and can really do whatever we want in terms of place settings and centerpieces.  The more we talked about it, the more we liked the idea but I do have to say…it will take some planning and logistics!  I will be asking close to 13 people to host 1 or 2 tables at the wedding (meaning, providing 10 place settings per table with dinner plate and salad plate or bowl…we aren’t going to ask them to bring anything else).  We will complete the table with centerpieces, flatware from the caterers and napkins will be on the buffet.  Caterers will also be providing stemware and the glasses on the table are the mason jars I have been mentioning.  I am crossing my fingers about this one, but I think that it will turn out really well and give the whole night really great personality.  I try to keep in mind what my mom and others have been saying when I get stressed, “people are so happy to help you with anything they can at your wedding – they are happy for you and if they have what you need, they will bend over backwards to make things happen.”
  3. Music to my ears.  In thinking about ceremony music/musicians, I have always been such a huge fan of live music as opposed to playing a track, especially in an outside venue.  I have heard MANY a good singer in my lifetime, and many of those beautiful voices come from my own close friends.  One of my bridesmaids, Melinda, has one of the most soulful, soothing, incredible voices I’ve ever heard.  She sang at my church during and after college when I lived close to Raleigh, so hearing her sing reminds me of being in that place that I loved so much.  I decided that it would really make the ceremony that much more beautiful to me if Melinda could sing a song or two and luckily, her fiance Mike is a musician as well!  They have (basically) agreed to sing and play (Mike plays guitar and piano), and I hope that they will also sing together on at least one song.  I think that by itself could make me cry just thinking about it!  I feel very blessed to have friends who can offer not only their incredible friendship, but make the wedding so much more personal and memorable with their talent.
  4. DIY (the “Y” being Yourself..and Others)  Speaking of talent, let me tell you about my roommate (and bridesmaid) Tiffany.  She is a costumer…yes, as in, film and theater and all that coolness.  I pretty much run everything by her as far as “Do you think ‘we” or ‘you’ could do this, or should I buy it??”  I’m not going to tell you all the things she might be making for the wedding since some of the may be gifts but I will definitely show you the end result afterwards…she is amazingly talented!

I think that’s enough for today…when I start typing, I can’t stop sometimes and my lunch break is close to gone!  But of course, here is a collage to finish it off!  Cool wedding cake collage, comin’ atcha.

Happy Weekend to you!  We are headed to Atlanta this weekend to see Mason’s friend Ben (groomsman) and his wife Brook!  I am looking forward to a nice little weekend trip 🙂


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  1. Let me know if you require the use of my dishes! 😀

  2. I LOVE idea #2! I think that with some planning, that will turn out really cool! I can’t wait to see it all come together :))

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