Always a bridesmaid…

can’t believe I’m the bride!

Today on the way to work, I was reminiscing about all the weddings I have been a part of in the past few years…and about how sometimes I would go through that “always a bridesmaid…” feeling, especially when for many years I didn’t even had a date to the weddings I was in!  Of course, I could have brought a random friend, but you know what I mean…a real date!  I always went alone because mainly, it wasn’t worth the hassle of trying to occupy someone when I was really there to help the bride and do things for her!  And I had a blast…I have ALWAYS enjoyed weddings, even when things weren’t seemingly “going right” in my own life, I have always been so truly happy for people when they get married and especially happy to be right there beside them.  It’s always a fun time, and there’s no better excuse to see your friends multiple times in one year!

I thought I would share that with you, and especially those of you who feel like you’re always the one going to a wedding and may never be the one in the white dress!  It will come, and usually in a different way than you ever would have thought or planned for yourself.  And it’s so much sweeter that way! 

I thought it would also be fun AND funny to put together what I like to call my “9 Dresses” collage, as well as a few other memory-filled pictures from past weddings!

There are SO many stories that go with these!  Let’s see…

Jeanna and Dan – I was actually sewn into my silver dress because the zipper wouldn’t work at crunch time!  I held my arms up over my head and they sewed it right on my body…the photographers had a hayday!  I had to get a pair of scissors out when I got home and have Melinda cut me out!  What a memory!  There’s also this great little photo someone caught at their wedding…

Yes, there’s me in the back holding onto Jeanna’s sister Jamie’s arm…I have never TRIED to catch the bouquet, I was never really a fan of the bouquet toss and I like to call this the “scary bouquet” photo!  Ha!


Brittany and Will – Brittany is my good friend from high school, and the coolest thing that happened with this wedding is that our other good friend Maria just happened to be coming in from Athens, Greece (where she moved back to after high school) and was able to come to the wedding…huge, awesomely fun reunion!  The NOT cool thing that happened at this wedding was this:

This is me and Lisa on the side off I-77..SO CLOSE to the church where the wedding was being held, yet so far when the tread came right off my passenger side tire and we started screaming and came to a screeching halt!  Luckily, Lisa’s now-husband Lee came and changed it for us, and saved the day by driving it to the wedding while another girl came and picked us up to make it before pictures!  The best past was that we had been out for the bachelorette party two nights before and I still had the ‘Honk for the Bride’ sign on the back of my CRV.  Needless to say, we got lots of honks.


Laura and Nick – Laura and Nick’s story is very different than the others.  Laura and I worked together at Campbell and were instant friends…we spent tons of time together after long workdays, and really got to know each other fast.  I was supposed to be in her wedding last August but unfortunately, her father passed away in January before the wedding unexpectedly and plans changed.  They ended up having a smaller destination wedding in Jamaica, which was definitely best for their family and I wasn’t able to be there, but we still had her showers and bachelorette party here in NC.  Although that part of this wedding isn’t necessarily a positive memory, it is a memory nonetheless and something we will never forget.  I was glad to be there for Laura during such a difficult and happy time in her life.  And boy, did we have FUN at her bachelorette party!


Ames and Brian – Amy is one of my co-workers in my current job, and she is another person who I became fast friends with…our Monday night “dinner and American Idol (AI)” nights were famously fun, especially with Amy’s karaoke during commercials.  I remember when Amy first started going out with Brian, and we would figure out what she should respond with on email, or how long she should wait to call him back…you know, the things girls do.  🙂  I was so honored to be a part of their wedding because they are just the most golden-hearted people you’ll ever meet!  The funniest stories from that wedding probably come from the bachelorette party where we wore nametags and I became fondly known as “Juicy Lee” and our friend Leah as “Mary Kitty.”  Although there are many photos I could share, I will share just one so that you can see the get-up we had for Ames:


Lindsay and Nick – Linds is one of my very closest friends from college, and we were RA’s in the same dorm for half a year followed by roommates for 2 years…definitely some of the very best years of my life!  I don’t mean to brag (cough, cough), but I am actually the one that officially introduced Linds and Nick our freshman year which I am very proud of!  They are the most solid, incredible people out there and I am so glad we are all of the same understanding that we will be friends forever – no way we won’t!  We visit each other at least twice a year (they live in VA) and they are both two of my very best friends.  Their wedding was the closest I’ve ever been to having a cryfest up at the front…it’s just very emotional to watch your close friend get married, but even more to watch two of your best friends marry each other.  I didn’t really take tons of pictures at their wedding (SO not like me, but I was so busy!) but I do have 6 CD’s of them at home from Linds!  But I will share another picture with you:

Michelle & Linds…Wedding Director extraordinaires!  Lindsay and I did our fair share of wedding directing, and this is a short from our friends Betty and Josh’s wedding…so much fun!  Linds still does some in VA, but we have this not-so-secret dream to open our own business one day and do this together 4 lyfe!  (I can hear Nick in my head right now going “There’s no time like the present…open your business now…JUST DO IT!”)  Maybe we should listen!


Lisa & Lee – Lisa (affectionately referred to as “Lisa Lisa”) is my “childhood friend” who I have grown up with since 3rd grade!  She and Lee met in college and they were married last August in a beautiful wedding in Charlotte.  I had so much fun at their wedding, as I always do at weddings where it feels like we get to have a reunion!  All of our friends, and all of our friends’ parents, were at the wedding and there was just something so homey about that!  I truly wish that I had a funny picture to go with this, like our friend Lauren fist pumping while the band played, but since I don’t, I will leave you with this picture I took of Lisa before the wedding…GORGEOUS!

All of this to say, all of these wedding memories that I have been a part of REALLY make me happy to look back on, so I am TOTALLY excited that we are embarking closer and closer on our own wedding!  I am also looking forward to all the weddings that haven’t happened yet, knowing that there is so much more fun to come! 

I hope you enjoyed this little piece of me and of my wonderful friends…I am blessed beyond belief in that department for sure!  I hope you’re having a great week!


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