Wedding Registry: Planning the Attack with Grace & Thanksgiving

I’m sure you can’t tell this by now, but I’m just a liiiittle OCD about certain things, especially when it comes to event planning.  I just have these very big ideas in my head sometimes and I am determined to figure them out! 

When it comes to registering for gifts, this plays out in my stress level as we walk through stores and make decisions on what to shoot with our little price gun…it can be a very long and grueling process if you let it for sure! 

I can understand how if you already know where you’re going to live, it wouldn’t be such a difficult process.  Mason and I don’t live together and won’t until we’re married, and we also don’t know where we’re going to live yet (we will have a better idea in a few months), so it has been hard for me to pick things out without being able to envision them in the room they belong in.  Being a visually creative person, I have a hard time just saying “whatever!” and registering for a bunch of random things.

We decided to go at it with at least some sort of a plan – we do know that we will have at least one bedroom, one full bathroom, kitchen, dining room and living room, and hopefully at least one more 1/2 bath.  (We are hoping for a second room too, but not banking on that yet!)  One Sunday afternoon a couple months ago, we decided to just take a stroll through Bed, Bath and Beyond, mostly because I wanted to see what Mason liked and more importantly, what he DIDN’T like and what he was passionate about NOT liking. 

We were worn out after just walking through that store!

We started actually registering for gifts about a month ago and we’ve been taking the “every other weekend” approach so far – we tackled Bed, Bath and Beyond and Belk the first weekend and then Crate and Barrel 2 weeks later.  Some tips on registering:

  • Let your fiance hold the price gun.  He will love it so much, guaranteed.  Totally worth it!
  • I decided that if at any point during registering I got overwhelmed or irritated about not being able to decide on something, I would remind myself that I am registering for free gifts that all the people who love us are going to generously buy for us.  Mason also reminds me that we can take back anything we don’t want, or decide against, and that we can change out registry any time online – add or take things off!  Wow, that is NOT something to stress about…it’s something to be thankful for!  Sounds cliche, but it is just plain true.
  • I highly recommend registering at Bed, Bath and Beyond because they sit down with you first and set you up, and let you look through their catalog before you get started.  This is a great place to register, especially because they have stores all over the US and for guests coming in from out of town, they can most likely find one nearby (Belk is another great option for this).  Also, their registry checklist is a great help if you’re not sure where to start, and it also gives recommended numbers of things like place settings, flatware, glassware, etc.
  • I also highly recommend registering at Crate and Barrel if there is one near you and in a location where at least a large portion of your guests are close to.  I have lots of guests coming in from Raleigh, NC and there is one there, and the majority of people are coming from the Charlotte area anyway and we have one here.  We attended one of their “Wedding Parties” and ended up registering for our everyday dinnerware there, as well as some gadgets and even our duvet cover!  I have to admit that Crate and Barrel is a little overwhelming when you just walk in and try to register by yourself, but at the Wedding Party they closed down the store at 6:30PM for participating couples and had drinks, appetizers and sales representatives in all the sections of the store to answer any of your questions.  They also really left you alone to register with each other unless you asked for help, which was very nice.  There are still a number of dates in different locations to go to a party this year, so I would encourage you to sign up if you’re at all interested in that store!
  • Mason and I like to have fun doing everything and since I pretty much always have a camera handy, we have been taking it to all wedding-related events to take interesting or funny pictures to remind us to have fun and not take things so seriously.  You can see some of the BB&B photos below…you can also see that registration weariness may manifest itself in goofiness.

One last question that most modern, not-so-traditional brides can relate to:  Do you REALLY have to register for china?  The answer of course, is no.  BUT, as I thought through whether or not we should register for china, I realized that I definitely do what something nicer that my kids and grandkids can pass down and especially say “She really loved this pattern” and nice things like that.  So as we looked at china patterns, we decided a) to go with something we both really liked, not just something plain or simple because we felt like we should and b) to go with something that seemed like we might actually get it out and use it more often than once a year.  I also thought it was important to find something that would at least look decent next to our everyday dinnerware, just in case we have an extra huge dinner party one time in our life and need all the dishes at once!  Here’s what we came up with:

Lenox Simply Fine “Flourish”

Isn’t is adorable??  I was excited that Mason liked it, and when we both realized we liked it, we were sold.  The belk sales rep told us that it’s more of a modern china pattern that they are seeing more interest in as people are now going for patterns that can really cross over into regular dinner parties, not necessarily fancy special occasions.  We are excited about our choice 🙂

So there you have it.  My down low on registering.  It’s definitely not “all you need to know” but it’s a start right?  We are just kind of taking it as it comes – I have already added and deleted from each of our registries and we still may go to Target to register for some things too.  It’s always a good idea to have a huge price range available for gift buying, and at least two stores that are located across the country.  My mom also pointed out that Lowe’s or Home Depot would be good places to register too, and we are thinking about that option as well.

Happy Almost Friday!  It is beautiful outside and I’m excited about the weekend already!


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