Wedding Photography: How to Nab a Good One!

It’s no secret that photography is a L♥VE of mine.  That’s right…with a capitol L-O-V-E!

SO, do not be fooled into thinking that I didn’t do some major shopping here!  And I have to tell you, it’s so hard to find your photographer because they are easy to get attached too, especially when there are so many good ones right under your nose!  But from the time my parents gave me our wedding budget, I have said that photography is pretty close to (and probably is) the most important thing for me…after all, what do you have after it’s all over?  Blurred memories of what just happened to you and a husband, the latter being the most important of course.  😉

I simply wanted something to remember the day by…okay, LOTS of wonderful, creative, artistic, beautiful somethings that captured the big picture and details of our wedding and our relationship!  And we are confident that we have found that in Elizabeth Scott Photography.

First of all, please check out our cute little MARRIED photographers!  They actually just got married on Friday and they already have pictures up (of course) from a friend who used their cameras…and now I also have to show you Leslie’s bridal portraits which are oh-my-gosh-to-die-for!  (By other fabulous Charlotte married couple photographers, The Schultzes!)

Okay, I got a little link-happy there.  🙂

I honestly can’t even remember exactly how I found Leslie & Matt, but I think it was on a vendors list on or something like that…I ran across them and looked at their stuff and really wanted to meet them!  I must have emailed at least 20 photographers (no joke!) and met with a handful in person, all who were great and wonderful at what they do but Leslie & Matt seemed like a perfect fit when we met them at a Barnes & Noble coffee shop in what turned out to be a crazy snow storm this year!  And as I’m sure you can agree, they did an amazing job with our engagement photos!  We are so happy with our choice and I am so excited that they will be spending these important days with us!

And, just for good measure…



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  1. SOOO glad that you love your pictures! We cannot WAIT for your wedding! :))

  2. hi michelle! For the life of me I cant seem to find a way to contact you directly, so hopefully you’ll check this post and see my message to you. Its just in regards to your question that your posted on my blog about who on etsy I bought my veil from.

    Just type this into your browser ( and it should take you to her store on etsy. I got my veil for US$20 (including international shipping), which is crazy cheap when you consider it wil cost 10 x that amount if you purchase it from a bridal store.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and best wishes for your upcoming wedding!

  3. thank you so much christie!!

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