An Unbelievable Feet.

tonight, the unaccomplishable was accomplished.  the unheard of was heard.  the unbelievable was believed.

i finally found wedding shoes.  on my porch .  in a box from

now now, before i go telling you anything about the shoes i need to tell you that this was destiny, because when i opened the first box, there was a yellow lollipop stuck in a card that read “THANK WOO!”  if you know me at all, you know that this is exactly what i was say to everyone if i owned a company called “shoe woo.”  when i checked out of the grocery store, i would even say to the checkout guy “thank woo very much!” just to see the reaction and to make myself laugh.  i really would!  ask mason!

so as you can imagine, i LOL-ed all by my lonesome when i opened that box and pulled out my yellow cloth peep toe wedges.  and i WOO’ed.  then i opened by other box of new patent off white peep toes.  and i WOO’ed again!  this WOO’ing has not stopped and it won’t stop until i get to show all my friends AND until my mom calls me back because she will never believe that i have actually settled on shoes! 

before i get too crazy here, i will tell you that these are not the “ruffly, lavender peep toe shoes” that i was pining for but when it gets close to the point where you have to get your dress altered for bridal portraits, a girl has to start making some decisions!  i ran across this site last week and saw that these shoes were actually very cute and i thought they might work perfectly so mason measured the highest wedges i own with his new tape measure (a whole 2″ high!!!!) and ordered the yellows and whites to see what worked best.  and i actually like them both, but trying them with the dress will be the test. 

either way, i’m keeping these yellow wedges b/c they are totally cute 🙂

SO, it has been a good day at my house. what about yours??

(sorry, no pics today!  i don’t actually want to put the shoes on here but i’m sure you can find them on the site if you look hard enough!)

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