A Note from the Ruffled WIFE!

Hello friends! It’s been SO LONG…but if you’ve had your own wedding in the past, I’m quite sure you understand how busy it gets the closer you get to the big day!

I wanted to update you with lots of the details I couldn’t share BEFORE the wedding! Of course, the first of them being THE DRESS!!

Those are the pictures from the Justin Alexander website, but I chose to go without the fancy beaded sash for my outdoor wedding in a field! Soooo, here I am in the dress (and the link to some of the bridal portraits if you want to see them!).

Photo Credit for my bridals – Elizabeth Scott Photography (Mooresville, NC)

Bridesmaid Gifts

I know I also mentioned awhile back that I would be giving some really cute gifts to my bridesmaids, but I couldn’t put them on here yet. My bridesmaid and old roommate Tiffany is a multi-talented long-time friend of mine, and she handmade clutches for each of my bridesmaids, and we made them all different colors:

I also put some goodies in there for the girls, including lip gloss, tissues, gum & the crystal and pearl earrings to wear for the wedding! I think everyone looked so cute with them at the wedding:


I had SO much fun with the outdoor signage for the wedding:

Hotel Gifts

Our hotel gifts were really fun too…we put two 24 ox. mason jars together with a handle. One had lemonade mix & a mini bottle of sweet tea vodka, and one was full of Chex mix! Each one had a welcome note and directions from that specific hotel to the wedding location. The Holiday Inn lady told our guests that it was the cutest gift she’s seen in the 3 years she’s worked there!

Guest Favors / Names Cards / Drinkware!

If you’re marrying “Mason,” you absolutely MUST use mason jars, right??

We bought bulk mason jars from a wholesaler, monogrammed them with vinyl monograms (“M” for Murchison) and then tied raffia around the top (bows for girls, knots for guys of course!). We then secured an old price tag with metal edging and I had handwritten each person’s name on them. I hung a clothesline outside the tent at the welcome table with the seating charts showing people where to find their seats! Then guests used them all night and then took them home as a souvenir!

♥ ♥ ♥

I will definitely be giving you more details and pictures in the coming weeks…we have not seen out professional pictures yet (these are all from friends and family!) so I am excited to share those when they’re finished!

Our wedding was PERFECT…everything we thought it would be and more. And so far, with a big three weeks under my belt, marriage is great. We are enjoying not running around like chickens with our heads cut off, and we are really happy to be with each other all the time! I’ll leave you with another couple pictures…I can’t let you leave without a single picture of the hubs!!!

Oh yes, and PLEASE check out the post from our photographers, who brought out their new photobooth idea!  HILARIOUSSSSS!!!

HAPPY THURSDAY from the Ruffled Wifey 🙂


An Unbelievable Feet.

tonight, the unaccomplishable was accomplished.  the unheard of was heard.  the unbelievable was believed.

i finally found wedding shoes.  on my porch .  in a box from shoewoo.com.

now now, before i go telling you anything about the shoes i need to tell you that this was destiny, because when i opened the first box, there was a yellow lollipop stuck in a card that read “THANK WOO!”  if you know me at all, you know that this is exactly what i was say to everyone if i owned a company called “shoe woo.”  when i checked out of the grocery store, i would even say to the checkout guy “thank woo very much!” just to see the reaction and to make myself laugh.  i really would!  ask mason!

so as you can imagine, i LOL-ed all by my lonesome when i opened that box and pulled out my yellow cloth peep toe wedges.  and i WOO’ed.  then i opened by other box of new patent off white peep toes.  and i WOO’ed again!  this WOO’ing has not stopped and it won’t stop until i get to show all my friends AND until my mom calls me back because she will never believe that i have actually settled on shoes! 

before i get too crazy here, i will tell you that these are not the “ruffly, lavender peep toe shoes” that i was pining for but when it gets close to the point where you have to get your dress altered for bridal portraits, a girl has to start making some decisions!  i ran across this site last week and saw that these shoes were actually very cute and i thought they might work perfectly so mason measured the highest wedges i own with his new tape measure (a whole 2″ high!!!!) and ordered the yellows and whites to see what worked best.  and i actually like them both, but trying them with the dress will be the test. 

either way, i’m keeping these yellow wedges b/c they are totally cute 🙂

SO, it has been a good day at my house. what about yours??

(sorry, no pics today!  i don’t actually want to put the shoes on here but i’m sure you can find them on the site if you look hard enough!)

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Ooh la la, Fancy Shmancy!

well friends, i am on a ROLL this week…two updates in 3 days??  i’m getting back to my early engagement blogging routine (hopefully i’m not speaking too soon!).

this post is about jewelry.  i am not necessarily a “girly girl” at heart (well, in thought and in action) but when it comes to clothes and jewelry, i am a HUGE GIRLY GIRL!  so, the night that mason and i got engaged, my mom gave me my first bridal magazine and BAM – there was a picture of some beautiful earrings on one of the pages that i immediately tore out, circled and wrote “earrings” on in sharpie.  it was also stuck in a pocket in my wedding folder as soon as it was purchased!

much to my dismay, i got online a few months later (after i found the dress of course) to look up the earrings i was already sold on, only to find this – http://www.pennylarsenjewelry.com/shop.html.  Please, click on the link and look at the “taj mahal drop earrings” and you will see that my hopes and dreams were smashed to find that i would have to fork out $350 for the earrings of my dreams (not to mention all the other jewelry and accessories i was looking for).  apparently penny larsen does not make jewelry for the budget conscious bride. 

note:  of course i would immediately rip out the earrings called “taj mahal drop earrings” as my favorite.  these are the things that make mason cringe.  ha!

BUT, i really had a feeling that someone could make these for a much better price, and i didn’t want to give up, which leads me to the good part of the blog!

this post is also to introduce you to Designs by Krissy.  i was introduced to Designs by Krissy through a wedding blog i read online, and emailed her thinking she might be able to re-create the earrings i had been pining for since we got engaged.  she emailed me back saying “you live in charlotte too??” which was perfect because i was able to meet her at amelie’s one saturday morning and actually see the first earring after it was completed to be sure it was what i wanted!  i sent her the link above, and here is a side by side comparison of the original earrings with the finished product:

another note:  these (above) are the things that make mason breathe normally again, after i figure out the cheapest possible way to get the initially stupid-expensive “necessity.”  🙂

now, my earrings definitely aren’t CLONES of the ones i pulled out of the magazine, but they turned out perfectly with the feel of my wedding…i didn’t need something overly fancy for my outdoor wedding and i told krissy to take creative freedom with what she thought looked best, telling her it didn’t have to look exactly like the link i sent.  i also asked her to make me a cluster pearl bracelet which is also beautiful – and best of all, i can wear that all the time after the wedding!

so, for all you charlotte brides out there (and all you non-charlotte brides…krissy ships all over the place!):  if you are looking for someone to create your own, one-of-a-kind jewelry for your wedding, check krissy out!  she can also re-invent pieces that you already have or family pieces that you want taken apart and made into something new which is really cool.  something old into something new!  (sorry, i had to!)

i hope that you are having a great week!  i have to be honest…i am not.  i went to the eye doctor this morning for my third emergency appointment in 2 months because my contacts keep rubbing ulcers on my cornea!  hopefully i will get rid of it this time, we are trying a different method!  and my arthritis is beating me up lately, which isn’t very much fun, but i am trying to take it one day at a time and not overwhelm myself…that could be really easy to do if i thought about it for very long! 

the good news is, we are getting married in 75 days AND we are house hunting and finding great things!  i just know we will end up in the perfect place for us and *our* dog kasay.  (i am getting used to saying “our”…mason will be happy about this post.)

i will update again sometime soon!  lots to come on shoes and veils and the all-important DJ!!  happy monday night!

Ruffled Wedding Shoes?? HELP!

I know this might sound funny, but finding my shoes for the wedding might be one of the hardest parts of this whole thing for me!  I have very bad arthritis in my ankles, and my right ankle is surgically fused so you may have noticed that I never wear heels (because I physically can’t!).  However, because of some complications from my fusion, my ankle isn’t completely flat either, so it’s really best that I don’t wear completely FLAT shoes either. 

So, the conundrum is that I need to find shoes in the 1/2 inch-1 1/4 inch range.  But of course, I don’t want just any wedding shoes (I LOVE colorful shoes and wear them on most days).  My ideal shoes would be 1 1/4 inch peep toe wedges or kitten heels with ruffles on the front or back, in PURPLE!  Picky?  Yes!  But I just want pretty shoes.  🙂

So to review, here is what I CAN’T wear:

No pretty ruffle heels for me!

And no cute ruffled flats for me either!

SOOO, I know this might take me awhile to find, and I must find them in the next few months because I need to get my dress altered accordingly, so I thought I would ask for your help!  Keep an eye out if you think of it, and let me know if you find anything!  I’m sure I will find the perfect in between shoes that will give my ankles enough support for the day but it might just take some patience! 

Thank you and I hope you’re having a great week so far!