A Note from the Ruffled WIFE!

Hello friends! It’s been SO LONG…but if you’ve had your own wedding in the past, I’m quite sure you understand how busy it gets the closer you get to the big day!

I wanted to update you with lots of the details I couldn’t share BEFORE the wedding! Of course, the first of them being THE DRESS!!

Those are the pictures from the Justin Alexander website, but I chose to go without the fancy beaded sash for my outdoor wedding in a field! Soooo, here I am in the dress (and the link to some of the bridal portraits if you want to see them!).

Photo Credit for my bridals – Elizabeth Scott Photography (Mooresville, NC)

Bridesmaid Gifts

I know I also mentioned awhile back that I would be giving some really cute gifts to my bridesmaids, but I couldn’t put them on here yet. My bridesmaid and old roommate Tiffany is a multi-talented long-time friend of mine, and she handmade clutches for each of my bridesmaids, and we made them all different colors:

I also put some goodies in there for the girls, including lip gloss, tissues, gum & the crystal and pearl earrings to wear for the wedding! I think everyone looked so cute with them at the wedding:


I had SO much fun with the outdoor signage for the wedding:

Hotel Gifts

Our hotel gifts were really fun too…we put two 24 ox. mason jars together with a handle. One had lemonade mix & a mini bottle of sweet tea vodka, and one was full of Chex mix! Each one had a welcome note and directions from that specific hotel to the wedding location. The Holiday Inn lady told our guests that it was the cutest gift she’s seen in the 3 years she’s worked there!

Guest Favors / Names Cards / Drinkware!

If you’re marrying “Mason,” you absolutely MUST use mason jars, right??

We bought bulk mason jars from a wholesaler, monogrammed them with vinyl monograms (“M” for Murchison) and then tied raffia around the top (bows for girls, knots for guys of course!). We then secured an old price tag with metal edging and I had handwritten each person’s name on them. I hung a clothesline outside the tent at the welcome table with the seating charts showing people where to find their seats! Then guests used them all night and then took them home as a souvenir!

♥ ♥ ♥

I will definitely be giving you more details and pictures in the coming weeks…we have not seen out professional pictures yet (these are all from friends and family!) so I am excited to share those when they’re finished!

Our wedding was PERFECT…everything we thought it would be and more. And so far, with a big three weeks under my belt, marriage is great. We are enjoying not running around like chickens with our heads cut off, and we are really happy to be with each other all the time! I’ll leave you with another couple pictures…I can’t let you leave without a single picture of the hubs!!!

Oh yes, and PLEASE check out the post from our photographers, who brought out their new photobooth idea!  HILARIOUSSSSS!!!

HAPPY THURSDAY from the Ruffled Wifey 🙂


And the winner is…

This beautiful bridesmaid’s dress!  It’s David’s Bridal Style F13722, and the cost is $120! 

It turned out to be the cheapest dress I was looking at, but also the most like what I was envisioning which is perfect!  All the girls seemed to like the dress when they went to try them on which is also great.

And here are some of my beautiful bridesmaids in the dress (which will be dark purple and not blue)…Katie, Lindsay and my sister Lauren.

(They might kill me so if I don’t blog for another week or so, come find me please!) 😉

We also picked out the grey tux which is super exciting too!

This is my ghetto picture of the tux…obviously, the red underneath won’t be there and no pocket handkerchief.  We are doing the purple tie (which I took off another manequinn and put on this one) and black suspenders underneath with no vest.  GOOD LOOKIN’ is all I can say.  🙂

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!

MAN(ic) Monday.

I know I missed Frugal Friday (please forgive me!!) but I was in Kentucky at the horse races winning the big bucks!  I will make it an extra special FF this Friday to make up for it!

Today I want to address an important part of the wedding that I think people tent to overlook:  the groom and groomsmen.  It’s my personal opinion that as far as “looking pretty” goes, the groom/smen get the short end of the stick because it’s just assumed that they will wear black tuxes, cumberbuns and black shiny shoes and basically “fade into the background” as far as the wedding party is concerned.  The girls always look beautiful and bright and the guys sometimes end up taking a backseat…not really standing out but paying the same amount of money to look like penguins (and the worst part is, they have to return their outfits when the rental is up!).

For our wedding (especially because it’s outside), we may end up opting for a softer looking suit in a grey (that is, if we can find one that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg!).  I am really excited about it because I think the guys will stand out a little more than usual, and maybe we can even figure out a way to let them express their personalities a little bit!  How great would purple and grey look together?  (“REALLY great!”)

As usual, my inspirational collage of standout greys (Oxymoron?  I think not!):

After seeing the photo in the bottom left corner, I think my top choice might even be suspenders and ties, and no jackets??  Maybe jackets at the wedding and none at the reception??  Mason’s choice, really, but we’ll see what he thinks!

We are supposed to go tux/suit shopping again this weekend or the next, so we’ll see what we find!  I think it’s so much fun to shop for this when it’s a little different than typical black tux.  Guys deserve to be extra cute too!

JT says wearing grey suits is cool, and as far as I’m concerned, JT always knows best.