Everybody Dance Now

how do i begin to express my love for a good ‘ol fashioned dance party??  mason and i love music, we love people and more than anything, we love lots of people dancing to good music! 

finding a DJ was an important search…we wanted to find someone with great personality who will do a great job with our wedding, get the party started and offer ALL of the music that is near and dear to us (you know, like Usher’s “Yeah,” anything by Outkast and every Michael Jackson or Prince song ever made).

and as every good post deserves, some photos….

the best of the WORST DJ’s:

the lovely adam sandler in the wedding singer.  the second guy is the terrible DJ in loveactually, in case you weren’t sure.  he’s the one that plays “puppy love” for all the lovers out there.  ha!  oh wait, i have to throw this one in too:

ew…just ew!

and NOW for the best example of an awesome DJ….

 oh snap, it’s TONY.

(from The Ellen Degeneres Show, if you’re not familiar!)

ahhhh, but i digress.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

my friend amy referred us to Troy Adams, of T-Time Entertainment, and he is wonderful!!  we (especially mason because of flag football bonding moments) instantly got along great with Troy and really liked him a lot, so we are looking forward to working with him and having him be a part of the wedding!  he sent over his song list the week after we met, and WHOA – talk about songs!!  he has them all!  the list he sent to me has 4,144 songs on it and he said it ‘had not been updated in awhile’ and that if there was anything we didn’t see on here that we wanted he would just download it and add it to his list!

if you are in the charlotte, nc area looking for a great DJ, i already highly recommend Troy!  and i will follow up after the wedding with a reflection on the greatness of the Murchison Wedding Dance Party.  🙂

maybe we’ll take a video of this dance…there will be a big white dress coming through as soon as Cupid comes over the speakers.  just sayin’.


Frugal Fridays: Cut Cocktail Hour

Each Friday, I will give you a cost-cutting tip that we are using to save money on our wedding. 

This week’s tip is Cutting Cocktail Hour (gasp!).

A recent trend in the photography world is the “first look.”  Many photographers are encouraging the bride and groom to see each other in an intimate setting before the wedding ceremony.  It takes the pressure off walking down the aisle and seeing each other for the first time in front of everyone, and also allows time before the ceremony to get pictures out of the way so that guests don’t have to waste time in between the ceremony and reception waiting for you to get done with formal and wedding party photos.

The Idea: We are not opting for the “first look.”  We are going traditional and seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony.  However, we don’t want our guests to spend 45 minutes mingling while waiting for what they really want – food.  Since our ceremony is outside in a field, we are going to direct guests into the tent for the reception after the ceremony and have them start eating while we are taking pictures.  That way, by the time we get in the tent, everyone will be seated at their table and ready to watch the first dances and then we will cut the cake and give them dessert!

BONUS:  Mason and I are going to have a little “first married dinner” by ourselves before we go into the reception.  We definitely don’t want to miss out on the good food we are catering at our reception, but we both know that once we get in there, we won’t have any time to eat!  After our pictures, we are going to have a quick bite and then meet the wedding party back outside the tent to be announced into the ceremony.  How much fun is that?!?

Savings: By skipping cocktail hour, we are saving money on hor d’oeuvres, which ends up in big savings.  We are serving beer and wine at our reception anyway, so the bar(s) will be open when guests enter the tent and they will be able to enjoy that with their dinner.  Most importantly, we are saving people’s time.  We are excited that by the time we get into the reception, we can talk to our guests during dessert and then get the party started on full bellies!

I think this deserves a picture!  But since I don’t have any pictures of our wedding ideas yet, here is a fun photo of Mason and me at Halloween…can you guess what we were?  (We don’t go together, just FYI!)

I told Mason to enjoy the control while he could.  Haha! 🙂

Happy Friday to you!