Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Invitations are out! And I am SO excited because now I can share them with you!  (There definitely are still people who have not received them, but they probably won’t see this post before they arrive in the mail!)

Without further adieu, here they are!

The COOLEST part of these invites is that the barn at the top is the actual barn in my parent’s back yard from our Save the Dates, which will be the view from the spot we’re getting married at.  The photographer took a picture, then our designer cut all the background out and switched it over to a sketch so that we could put the barn from our backyard on the invites!!  I am so excited about it 🙂

I wanted to show you the invitation design online that I was inspired by to create these:

i loved the simplicity and sweetness of these, and wanted to do something similar.  for the replies, i thought it would be easier and less costly to do a perforated postcard reply card with the details listed above it, and also give people an option of RSVP-ing online to our wedding website at

I LOVE our invitations and I am excited for everyone to get them and start replying 🙂  It starts feeling VERY real when all this starts happening…no more messing around, we are really getting married in 50 DAYS!

What an adorable stamp my mom’s friend Misty got for us!

Ready to go!

Mom even took a picture of herself sending them in the mail…hilarious!!

YAY YAY YAY!!!  It’s almost here and I am really very excited 🙂

I also had my last dress fitting last night for my bridal portraits next weekend (it has to be steamed next week so we have to put it in by Monday)!  It looks great and fits perfectly!

And this weekend is MOVING WEEKEND!!!  I am very excited to be in my beautiful new house!  I will share pictures soon of the house and all the fun moving excitment.  Our family friend Misty is also throwing me a shower on Sunday and I am so looking forward to that too!!  Pictures to come from that too!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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A Few of my Favorite (Wedding) Things

this post is dedicated to all the engaged and especially newly engaged ladies out there looking for where to start with ideas for everything wedding (and dedicated to my sweet, sweet friend kerianne who just got engaged herself)!  i wanted to share a few (well, it may turn into more than a few) of the websites that i have clung to since january for inspiration, ideas and advice.

  • wedding blogs – i have combed the internet for my favorite wedding blogs and here are my favorites: Project Wedding (great DIY ideas and lots of inspiration), Classic Bride (beautiful photographs of real weddings and great links to vendors and style ideas), (gives you the tools to makes your invite list, a free wedding website which we are using for our guests, and you can have people RSVP there too!), 100 Layer Cake (really great ideas all around), Love and Lavender (you will want to copy everything here!) and Green Wedding Shoes (you can look at posts categorized by your type of wedding, from outdoor to barn to church, etc. and the photos are just gorgeous!).
  • wedding photography sites – i look at a lot of wedding photography sites.  a lot.  i loooove looking at LA photogs who photograph crazy expensive, over the top weddings because like i always say, i think you can pretty much figure out how to do anything that you really love for much cheaper (if not free!) with creativity and some time and effort.  here is my favorite “fancy photog” – Jasmine Star – her personality really comes through on her blog, but her photos are absolutely stunning but very true-to-life.  her subjects are always oh-my-gosh breathtaking and the venues are unbelievable!  click on “most recent posts” to see her blog, and check out that dress on this link today with the huge rosettes all over the skirt…i LOVEloveLOVE that dress!  now, as far as local charlotte, nc area wedding photography, there are so many great ones!  here are some of the very best:  of course, our photographers Elizabeth Scott Photography (love!), The Schultze’s (another husband/wife team…so creative and fun!), Seth Snider (a friend of mine with a great eye for beauty, and such a NICE guy!!), Visio Photography (every photo on here is absolutely beautiful) and Kristin Vining (she totally rocks the charlotte wedding scene, that is for sure…she’s ll over the place!).  i do have to tell you, these people get booked up FAST so start contacting them early!!  it’s so much fun to meet photographers, they are just amazing and fun and super creative!
  • –   i am using this to find dresses for all the wedding occasions (showers, rehearsal, bachelorette, etc.), looks for shoes online and really to look for anything!  you can search for certain colors, styles and keywords for clothing, bags and shoes and it pulls from websites all over the internet to find what you’re looking for!  for example, if you type in “purple ruffle shoes,” here’s what you get!

since i pretty much just overloaded you with fun and exciting links, i will leave it at that for now!  i hope these things inspire you as you start (or finish) planning your wedding! 

i have bridal shower #2 this weekend in charlotte and i am so very excited!!  my MOH katie is coming into town and i am excited!!  in honor of this, i give you another photo of katie and me:

i hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Ooh la la, Fancy Shmancy!

well friends, i am on a ROLL this week…two updates in 3 days??  i’m getting back to my early engagement blogging routine (hopefully i’m not speaking too soon!).

this post is about jewelry.  i am not necessarily a “girly girl” at heart (well, in thought and in action) but when it comes to clothes and jewelry, i am a HUGE GIRLY GIRL!  so, the night that mason and i got engaged, my mom gave me my first bridal magazine and BAM – there was a picture of some beautiful earrings on one of the pages that i immediately tore out, circled and wrote “earrings” on in sharpie.  it was also stuck in a pocket in my wedding folder as soon as it was purchased!

much to my dismay, i got online a few months later (after i found the dress of course) to look up the earrings i was already sold on, only to find this –  Please, click on the link and look at the “taj mahal drop earrings” and you will see that my hopes and dreams were smashed to find that i would have to fork out $350 for the earrings of my dreams (not to mention all the other jewelry and accessories i was looking for).  apparently penny larsen does not make jewelry for the budget conscious bride. 

note:  of course i would immediately rip out the earrings called “taj mahal drop earrings” as my favorite.  these are the things that make mason cringe.  ha!

BUT, i really had a feeling that someone could make these for a much better price, and i didn’t want to give up, which leads me to the good part of the blog!

this post is also to introduce you to Designs by Krissy.  i was introduced to Designs by Krissy through a wedding blog i read online, and emailed her thinking she might be able to re-create the earrings i had been pining for since we got engaged.  she emailed me back saying “you live in charlotte too??” which was perfect because i was able to meet her at amelie’s one saturday morning and actually see the first earring after it was completed to be sure it was what i wanted!  i sent her the link above, and here is a side by side comparison of the original earrings with the finished product:

another note:  these (above) are the things that make mason breathe normally again, after i figure out the cheapest possible way to get the initially stupid-expensive “necessity.”  🙂

now, my earrings definitely aren’t CLONES of the ones i pulled out of the magazine, but they turned out perfectly with the feel of my wedding…i didn’t need something overly fancy for my outdoor wedding and i told krissy to take creative freedom with what she thought looked best, telling her it didn’t have to look exactly like the link i sent.  i also asked her to make me a cluster pearl bracelet which is also beautiful – and best of all, i can wear that all the time after the wedding!

so, for all you charlotte brides out there (and all you non-charlotte brides…krissy ships all over the place!):  if you are looking for someone to create your own, one-of-a-kind jewelry for your wedding, check krissy out!  she can also re-invent pieces that you already have or family pieces that you want taken apart and made into something new which is really cool.  something old into something new!  (sorry, i had to!)

i hope that you are having a great week!  i have to be honest…i am not.  i went to the eye doctor this morning for my third emergency appointment in 2 months because my contacts keep rubbing ulcers on my cornea!  hopefully i will get rid of it this time, we are trying a different method!  and my arthritis is beating me up lately, which isn’t very much fun, but i am trying to take it one day at a time and not overwhelm myself…that could be really easy to do if i thought about it for very long! 

the good news is, we are getting married in 75 days AND we are house hunting and finding great things!  i just know we will end up in the perfect place for us and *our* dog kasay.  (i am getting used to saying “our”…mason will be happy about this post.)

i will update again sometime soon!  lots to come on shoes and veils and the all-important DJ!!  happy monday night!

Wedding Registry: Planning the Attack with Grace & Thanksgiving

I’m sure you can’t tell this by now, but I’m just a liiiittle OCD about certain things, especially when it comes to event planning.  I just have these very big ideas in my head sometimes and I am determined to figure them out! 

When it comes to registering for gifts, this plays out in my stress level as we walk through stores and make decisions on what to shoot with our little price gun…it can be a very long and grueling process if you let it for sure! 

I can understand how if you already know where you’re going to live, it wouldn’t be such a difficult process.  Mason and I don’t live together and won’t until we’re married, and we also don’t know where we’re going to live yet (we will have a better idea in a few months), so it has been hard for me to pick things out without being able to envision them in the room they belong in.  Being a visually creative person, I have a hard time just saying “whatever!” and registering for a bunch of random things.

We decided to go at it with at least some sort of a plan – we do know that we will have at least one bedroom, one full bathroom, kitchen, dining room and living room, and hopefully at least one more 1/2 bath.  (We are hoping for a second room too, but not banking on that yet!)  One Sunday afternoon a couple months ago, we decided to just take a stroll through Bed, Bath and Beyond, mostly because I wanted to see what Mason liked and more importantly, what he DIDN’T like and what he was passionate about NOT liking. 

We were worn out after just walking through that store!

We started actually registering for gifts about a month ago and we’ve been taking the “every other weekend” approach so far – we tackled Bed, Bath and Beyond and Belk the first weekend and then Crate and Barrel 2 weeks later.  Some tips on registering:

  • Let your fiance hold the price gun.  He will love it so much, guaranteed.  Totally worth it!
  • I decided that if at any point during registering I got overwhelmed or irritated about not being able to decide on something, I would remind myself that I am registering for free gifts that all the people who love us are going to generously buy for us.  Mason also reminds me that we can take back anything we don’t want, or decide against, and that we can change out registry any time online – add or take things off!  Wow, that is NOT something to stress about…it’s something to be thankful for!  Sounds cliche, but it is just plain true.
  • I highly recommend registering at Bed, Bath and Beyond because they sit down with you first and set you up, and let you look through their catalog before you get started.  This is a great place to register, especially because they have stores all over the US and for guests coming in from out of town, they can most likely find one nearby (Belk is another great option for this).  Also, their registry checklist is a great help if you’re not sure where to start, and it also gives recommended numbers of things like place settings, flatware, glassware, etc.
  • I also highly recommend registering at Crate and Barrel if there is one near you and in a location where at least a large portion of your guests are close to.  I have lots of guests coming in from Raleigh, NC and there is one there, and the majority of people are coming from the Charlotte area anyway and we have one here.  We attended one of their “Wedding Parties” and ended up registering for our everyday dinnerware there, as well as some gadgets and even our duvet cover!  I have to admit that Crate and Barrel is a little overwhelming when you just walk in and try to register by yourself, but at the Wedding Party they closed down the store at 6:30PM for participating couples and had drinks, appetizers and sales representatives in all the sections of the store to answer any of your questions.  They also really left you alone to register with each other unless you asked for help, which was very nice.  There are still a number of dates in different locations to go to a party this year, so I would encourage you to sign up if you’re at all interested in that store!
  • Mason and I like to have fun doing everything and since I pretty much always have a camera handy, we have been taking it to all wedding-related events to take interesting or funny pictures to remind us to have fun and not take things so seriously.  You can see some of the BB&B photos below…you can also see that registration weariness may manifest itself in goofiness.

One last question that most modern, not-so-traditional brides can relate to:  Do you REALLY have to register for china?  The answer of course, is no.  BUT, as I thought through whether or not we should register for china, I realized that I definitely do what something nicer that my kids and grandkids can pass down and especially say “She really loved this pattern” and nice things like that.  So as we looked at china patterns, we decided a) to go with something we both really liked, not just something plain or simple because we felt like we should and b) to go with something that seemed like we might actually get it out and use it more often than once a year.  I also thought it was important to find something that would at least look decent next to our everyday dinnerware, just in case we have an extra huge dinner party one time in our life and need all the dishes at once!  Here’s what we came up with:

Lenox Simply Fine “Flourish”

Isn’t is adorable??  I was excited that Mason liked it, and when we both realized we liked it, we were sold.  The belk sales rep told us that it’s more of a modern china pattern that they are seeing more interest in as people are now going for patterns that can really cross over into regular dinner parties, not necessarily fancy special occasions.  We are excited about our choice 🙂

So there you have it.  My down low on registering.  It’s definitely not “all you need to know” but it’s a start right?  We are just kind of taking it as it comes – I have already added and deleted from each of our registries and we still may go to Target to register for some things too.  It’s always a good idea to have a huge price range available for gift buying, and at least two stores that are located across the country.  My mom also pointed out that Lowe’s or Home Depot would be good places to register too, and we are thinking about that option as well.

Happy Almost Friday!  It is beautiful outside and I’m excited about the weekend already!

Always a bridesmaid…

can’t believe I’m the bride!

Today on the way to work, I was reminiscing about all the weddings I have been a part of in the past few years…and about how sometimes I would go through that “always a bridesmaid…” feeling, especially when for many years I didn’t even had a date to the weddings I was in!  Of course, I could have brought a random friend, but you know what I mean…a real date!  I always went alone because mainly, it wasn’t worth the hassle of trying to occupy someone when I was really there to help the bride and do things for her!  And I had a blast…I have ALWAYS enjoyed weddings, even when things weren’t seemingly “going right” in my own life, I have always been so truly happy for people when they get married and especially happy to be right there beside them.  It’s always a fun time, and there’s no better excuse to see your friends multiple times in one year!

I thought I would share that with you, and especially those of you who feel like you’re always the one going to a wedding and may never be the one in the white dress!  It will come, and usually in a different way than you ever would have thought or planned for yourself.  And it’s so much sweeter that way! 

I thought it would also be fun AND funny to put together what I like to call my “9 Dresses” collage, as well as a few other memory-filled pictures from past weddings!

There are SO many stories that go with these!  Let’s see…

Jeanna and Dan – I was actually sewn into my silver dress because the zipper wouldn’t work at crunch time!  I held my arms up over my head and they sewed it right on my body…the photographers had a hayday!  I had to get a pair of scissors out when I got home and have Melinda cut me out!  What a memory!  There’s also this great little photo someone caught at their wedding…

Yes, there’s me in the back holding onto Jeanna’s sister Jamie’s arm…I have never TRIED to catch the bouquet, I was never really a fan of the bouquet toss and I like to call this the “scary bouquet” photo!  Ha!


Brittany and Will – Brittany is my good friend from high school, and the coolest thing that happened with this wedding is that our other good friend Maria just happened to be coming in from Athens, Greece (where she moved back to after high school) and was able to come to the wedding…huge, awesomely fun reunion!  The NOT cool thing that happened at this wedding was this:

This is me and Lisa on the side off I-77..SO CLOSE to the church where the wedding was being held, yet so far when the tread came right off my passenger side tire and we started screaming and came to a screeching halt!  Luckily, Lisa’s now-husband Lee came and changed it for us, and saved the day by driving it to the wedding while another girl came and picked us up to make it before pictures!  The best past was that we had been out for the bachelorette party two nights before and I still had the ‘Honk for the Bride’ sign on the back of my CRV.  Needless to say, we got lots of honks.


Laura and Nick – Laura and Nick’s story is very different than the others.  Laura and I worked together at Campbell and were instant friends…we spent tons of time together after long workdays, and really got to know each other fast.  I was supposed to be in her wedding last August but unfortunately, her father passed away in January before the wedding unexpectedly and plans changed.  They ended up having a smaller destination wedding in Jamaica, which was definitely best for their family and I wasn’t able to be there, but we still had her showers and bachelorette party here in NC.  Although that part of this wedding isn’t necessarily a positive memory, it is a memory nonetheless and something we will never forget.  I was glad to be there for Laura during such a difficult and happy time in her life.  And boy, did we have FUN at her bachelorette party!


Ames and Brian – Amy is one of my co-workers in my current job, and she is another person who I became fast friends with…our Monday night “dinner and American Idol (AI)” nights were famously fun, especially with Amy’s karaoke during commercials.  I remember when Amy first started going out with Brian, and we would figure out what she should respond with on email, or how long she should wait to call him back…you know, the things girls do.  🙂  I was so honored to be a part of their wedding because they are just the most golden-hearted people you’ll ever meet!  The funniest stories from that wedding probably come from the bachelorette party where we wore nametags and I became fondly known as “Juicy Lee” and our friend Leah as “Mary Kitty.”  Although there are many photos I could share, I will share just one so that you can see the get-up we had for Ames:


Lindsay and Nick – Linds is one of my very closest friends from college, and we were RA’s in the same dorm for half a year followed by roommates for 2 years…definitely some of the very best years of my life!  I don’t mean to brag (cough, cough), but I am actually the one that officially introduced Linds and Nick our freshman year which I am very proud of!  They are the most solid, incredible people out there and I am so glad we are all of the same understanding that we will be friends forever – no way we won’t!  We visit each other at least twice a year (they live in VA) and they are both two of my very best friends.  Their wedding was the closest I’ve ever been to having a cryfest up at the front…it’s just very emotional to watch your close friend get married, but even more to watch two of your best friends marry each other.  I didn’t really take tons of pictures at their wedding (SO not like me, but I was so busy!) but I do have 6 CD’s of them at home from Linds!  But I will share another picture with you:

Michelle & Linds…Wedding Director extraordinaires!  Lindsay and I did our fair share of wedding directing, and this is a short from our friends Betty and Josh’s wedding…so much fun!  Linds still does some in VA, but we have this not-so-secret dream to open our own business one day and do this together 4 lyfe!  (I can hear Nick in my head right now going “There’s no time like the present…open your business now…JUST DO IT!”)  Maybe we should listen!


Lisa & Lee – Lisa (affectionately referred to as “Lisa Lisa”) is my “childhood friend” who I have grown up with since 3rd grade!  She and Lee met in college and they were married last August in a beautiful wedding in Charlotte.  I had so much fun at their wedding, as I always do at weddings where it feels like we get to have a reunion!  All of our friends, and all of our friends’ parents, were at the wedding and there was just something so homey about that!  I truly wish that I had a funny picture to go with this, like our friend Lauren fist pumping while the band played, but since I don’t, I will leave you with this picture I took of Lisa before the wedding…GORGEOUS!

All of this to say, all of these wedding memories that I have been a part of REALLY make me happy to look back on, so I am TOTALLY excited that we are embarking closer and closer on our own wedding!  I am also looking forward to all the weddings that haven’t happened yet, knowing that there is so much more fun to come! 

I hope you enjoyed this little piece of me and of my wonderful friends…I am blessed beyond belief in that department for sure!  I hope you’re having a great week!

Well, hello again Frugal Friday!

Today’s Frugal Friday concept is very simple:  use your resources.

I am a very lucky girl to know the talented and amazingly generous people I do, but sometimes finding your untapped resources just takes you opening your mouth and talking about your wedding plans, and what you’re having a hard time figuring out – you would be surprised at how many people will pipe up with suggestions and connections.

The Idea

I am one of the #1 fans of lists, so here is a list of examples of resources I am tapping into…to get your brain going:

  1. Let them eat cake.  I have to be honest, I don’t really like cake all that much.  It was not a high priority for me to have cake at our wedding, since when it’s sitting in front of me, I don’t even touch it.  I don’t generally like lots of sweets, especially icing (besides whipped chocolate icing from the can…but I can still only eat about 1 teaspoon before I’m sick to my stomach).  I was the kid who asked for pumpkin pie instead of birthday cake, and my kid friends probably didn’t appreciate that too much!  But back to the point – I had all kinds of ideas about the “dessert” portion of the wedding…homemade ice cream was my #1 (orange crush flavor), assorted pies, mini finger desserts or something of that nature.  Point is, I didn’t want to spend much money on it since it’s not important to me.  BUT, last summer my mom spent some time working with friend who just happens to be the owner of a cake shop, and when Vicki heard that I was engaged, she told mom she owed her a wedding cake for her help.  When mom told me this, I said “WE’RE HAVING CAKE!”  Cha-ching!!  Free cake = we’re definitely having a cake, case closed.  Mom will also be working with her the summer to “pay off” the second half of the cake since we are having so many guests (Thanks Mom!), but this is a perfect example of using your resources/bartering (which is always always a wonderful idea if you have something to offer in return)!  More to come on the cake…
  2. Dish it out.  I attended a women’s ministry dinner in college with my mom where each table had a “table host” who brought their own place settings from home and set the table, creating a very eclectic, homey feel.  I wanted to copy that idea since we are renting a tent and tables and chairs for the reception, and can really do whatever we want in terms of place settings and centerpieces.  The more we talked about it, the more we liked the idea but I do have to say…it will take some planning and logistics!  I will be asking close to 13 people to host 1 or 2 tables at the wedding (meaning, providing 10 place settings per table with dinner plate and salad plate or bowl…we aren’t going to ask them to bring anything else).  We will complete the table with centerpieces, flatware from the caterers and napkins will be on the buffet.  Caterers will also be providing stemware and the glasses on the table are the mason jars I have been mentioning.  I am crossing my fingers about this one, but I think that it will turn out really well and give the whole night really great personality.  I try to keep in mind what my mom and others have been saying when I get stressed, “people are so happy to help you with anything they can at your wedding – they are happy for you and if they have what you need, they will bend over backwards to make things happen.”
  3. Music to my ears.  In thinking about ceremony music/musicians, I have always been such a huge fan of live music as opposed to playing a track, especially in an outside venue.  I have heard MANY a good singer in my lifetime, and many of those beautiful voices come from my own close friends.  One of my bridesmaids, Melinda, has one of the most soulful, soothing, incredible voices I’ve ever heard.  She sang at my church during and after college when I lived close to Raleigh, so hearing her sing reminds me of being in that place that I loved so much.  I decided that it would really make the ceremony that much more beautiful to me if Melinda could sing a song or two and luckily, her fiance Mike is a musician as well!  They have (basically) agreed to sing and play (Mike plays guitar and piano), and I hope that they will also sing together on at least one song.  I think that by itself could make me cry just thinking about it!  I feel very blessed to have friends who can offer not only their incredible friendship, but make the wedding so much more personal and memorable with their talent.
  4. DIY (the “Y” being Yourself..and Others)  Speaking of talent, let me tell you about my roommate (and bridesmaid) Tiffany.  She is a costumer…yes, as in, film and theater and all that coolness.  I pretty much run everything by her as far as “Do you think ‘we” or ‘you’ could do this, or should I buy it??”  I’m not going to tell you all the things she might be making for the wedding since some of the may be gifts but I will definitely show you the end result afterwards…she is amazingly talented!

I think that’s enough for today…when I start typing, I can’t stop sometimes and my lunch break is close to gone!  But of course, here is a collage to finish it off!  Cool wedding cake collage, comin’ atcha.

Happy Weekend to you!  We are headed to Atlanta this weekend to see Mason’s friend Ben (groomsman) and his wife Brook!  I am looking forward to a nice little weekend trip 🙂

And the winner is…

This beautiful bridesmaid’s dress!  It’s David’s Bridal Style F13722, and the cost is $120! 

It turned out to be the cheapest dress I was looking at, but also the most like what I was envisioning which is perfect!  All the girls seemed to like the dress when they went to try them on which is also great.

And here are some of my beautiful bridesmaids in the dress (which will be dark purple and not blue)…Katie, Lindsay and my sister Lauren.

(They might kill me so if I don’t blog for another week or so, come find me please!) 😉

We also picked out the grey tux which is super exciting too!

This is my ghetto picture of the tux…obviously, the red underneath won’t be there and no pocket handkerchief.  We are doing the purple tie (which I took off another manequinn and put on this one) and black suspenders underneath with no vest.  GOOD LOOKIN’ is all I can say.  🙂

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!

Engagement Photo Slideshow/Video on Vimeo!

I can’t explain how badly I was ready to come home from work today when I saw that our photographers posted an engagement session slideshow/video today!  Vimeo is blocked at my company on our network as an entertainment site so I couldn’t watch it so I was itching to see it when I got home!

They did such a wonderful job with it and included tons of new pictures from our session…I CAN”T WAIT to get the pictures next week in the mail!  Check out the video here!

It is just so much fun to have all this fun, exciting stuff happening all around during this joyous part of my life!  I am trying to soak it in everyday that I can and enjoy this short and precious time in my life.  🙂

Ruffled Wedding Shoes?? HELP!

I know this might sound funny, but finding my shoes for the wedding might be one of the hardest parts of this whole thing for me!  I have very bad arthritis in my ankles, and my right ankle is surgically fused so you may have noticed that I never wear heels (because I physically can’t!).  However, because of some complications from my fusion, my ankle isn’t completely flat either, so it’s really best that I don’t wear completely FLAT shoes either. 

So, the conundrum is that I need to find shoes in the 1/2 inch-1 1/4 inch range.  But of course, I don’t want just any wedding shoes (I LOVE colorful shoes and wear them on most days).  My ideal shoes would be 1 1/4 inch peep toe wedges or kitten heels with ruffles on the front or back, in PURPLE!  Picky?  Yes!  But I just want pretty shoes.  🙂

So to review, here is what I CAN’T wear:

No pretty ruffle heels for me!

And no cute ruffled flats for me either!

SOOO, I know this might take me awhile to find, and I must find them in the next few months because I need to get my dress altered accordingly, so I thought I would ask for your help!  Keep an eye out if you think of it, and let me know if you find anything!  I’m sure I will find the perfect in between shoes that will give my ankles enough support for the day but it might just take some patience! 

Thank you and I hope you’re having a great week so far!

Save the Date – September 25!

WOOHOO!!!!  We got our Save the Date pictures back, and I can’t WAIT to share them with you! 

Buuut, I will wait until we send them out and have them mostly delivered!! 

Patience is a virtue, people!  😉  Happy Wednesday!

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