Ooh la la, Fancy Shmancy!

well friends, i am on a ROLL this week…two updates in 3 days??  i’m getting back to my early engagement blogging routine (hopefully i’m not speaking too soon!).

this post is about jewelry.  i am not necessarily a “girly girl” at heart (well, in thought and in action) but when it comes to clothes and jewelry, i am a HUGE GIRLY GIRL!  so, the night that mason and i got engaged, my mom gave me my first bridal magazine and BAM – there was a picture of some beautiful earrings on one of the pages that i immediately tore out, circled and wrote “earrings” on in sharpie.  it was also stuck in a pocket in my wedding folder as soon as it was purchased!

much to my dismay, i got online a few months later (after i found the dress of course) to look up the earrings i was already sold on, only to find this – http://www.pennylarsenjewelry.com/shop.html.  Please, click on the link and look at the “taj mahal drop earrings” and you will see that my hopes and dreams were smashed to find that i would have to fork out $350 for the earrings of my dreams (not to mention all the other jewelry and accessories i was looking for).  apparently penny larsen does not make jewelry for the budget conscious bride. 

note:  of course i would immediately rip out the earrings called “taj mahal drop earrings” as my favorite.  these are the things that make mason cringe.  ha!

BUT, i really had a feeling that someone could make these for a much better price, and i didn’t want to give up, which leads me to the good part of the blog!

this post is also to introduce you to Designs by Krissy.  i was introduced to Designs by Krissy through a wedding blog i read online, and emailed her thinking she might be able to re-create the earrings i had been pining for since we got engaged.  she emailed me back saying “you live in charlotte too??” which was perfect because i was able to meet her at amelie’s one saturday morning and actually see the first earring after it was completed to be sure it was what i wanted!  i sent her the link above, and here is a side by side comparison of the original earrings with the finished product:

another note:  these (above) are the things that make mason breathe normally again, after i figure out the cheapest possible way to get the initially stupid-expensive “necessity.”  🙂

now, my earrings definitely aren’t CLONES of the ones i pulled out of the magazine, but they turned out perfectly with the feel of my wedding…i didn’t need something overly fancy for my outdoor wedding and i told krissy to take creative freedom with what she thought looked best, telling her it didn’t have to look exactly like the link i sent.  i also asked her to make me a cluster pearl bracelet which is also beautiful – and best of all, i can wear that all the time after the wedding!

so, for all you charlotte brides out there (and all you non-charlotte brides…krissy ships all over the place!):  if you are looking for someone to create your own, one-of-a-kind jewelry for your wedding, check krissy out!  she can also re-invent pieces that you already have or family pieces that you want taken apart and made into something new which is really cool.  something old into something new!  (sorry, i had to!)

i hope that you are having a great week!  i have to be honest…i am not.  i went to the eye doctor this morning for my third emergency appointment in 2 months because my contacts keep rubbing ulcers on my cornea!  hopefully i will get rid of it this time, we are trying a different method!  and my arthritis is beating me up lately, which isn’t very much fun, but i am trying to take it one day at a time and not overwhelm myself…that could be really easy to do if i thought about it for very long! 

the good news is, we are getting married in 75 days AND we are house hunting and finding great things!  i just know we will end up in the perfect place for us and *our* dog kasay.  (i am getting used to saying “our”…mason will be happy about this post.)

i will update again sometime soon!  lots to come on shoes and veils and the all-important DJ!!  happy monday night!